Thursday, April 23, 2009

Anzac Chalk Poetry Friday 24 April

I'm looking forward to doing some chalk poetry in Hamilton tomorrow. It looks like Anzac Day will be rainy and so I will be writing Anzac poetry outside the Waikato Museum on 24th instead of the 25th of April.

This is a smaller scale chalk poetry installation and I am trusting that this time I won't be left barely able to walk for days afterwards, unlike my February marathon. I'm not writing my own poetry this time, as I don't have much war themed poetry to call upon. Instead I have been reading lots of other poets, old favourites and new discoveries, to choose a suitable selection. It's been fun taking an editorial/curatorial role. I look forward to sharing my choices with visitors and passersby.

If you are in Hamilton on Friday and want to come and see my chalk before the rain washes it away, I expect to be finished by noon. If you can't make it, I'll post photos this weekend.

Here's the poems I'm writing excerpts from, or
in full.

John McCrae (In Flanders Field)

Siegfried Sassoon (The General)

Siegfried Sassoon (Prelude: The Troops)

J.S. Manifold (The Tomb of Lieutenant John Learmonth, A.I.F.)

R.W. Hamon (Anzac Poem)

Frances Cornford (Unshaken world)

Virgil (Aeneid X)

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