Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kayaking Raglan estuaries

I went kayaking with Sarah the other day. She borrowed an double inflatable sit-on-top, which was an adventure just to inflate and deflate. It worked perfectly well, but to be on the safe side we stuck the calm waters of various estuaries and inlets on the south side of Raglan Harbour.

Exploring by kayak is so peaceful and yet stimulating, as you get to see the world from a different direction than travelling by road. I like peeking into people's backyards. And these folks living right next to the estuary must have one of the nicest spots on earth.

One of the unexpected treats of going to Raglan was finding my old friend Brian McMillan running HQ cafe where we enjoyed excellent hot chocolate and coffee. Luckily HQ still leaves time for Brian's band Cornerstone Roots, whose music I love.

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