Friday, May 29, 2009

May's winner and my week

And the winner of the May Giveaway is Robert Frazier from the Science Fiction Poetry Association in the USA. Congratulations Robert, who won a copy of Non-Linear Time, the book of the film. Non-Linear Time is available for only $10 in my Etsy shop.

Thank you everyone who entered by commenting on the May Giveaway post, there was a record number of entries (and comments) for this blog to date. Watch out for the announcement of the Giveaway for June soon.

Ignition programme with Membranes listing

My energy this week has been veering between beginnings and completions. I am working on proposals and planning new projects, as well as preparing for installing Membranes, my giant book, in the city for Hamilton's Ignition Fringe Festival mid-June. But mostly I am in a harvest glut at the moment with the equivalent of a table covered in tomatoes and zucchini that have to be dealt with right now, even while I enjoy the fruits of my labours.

Hand sewn, with a tricky centre-fold and an envelope of hand painted stickers, I don't do anything easy

Stacks of the Happy Bus zine are in various stages of paper engineering and assembly. A few have started their road trip already: if you are in Hamilton you can get Happy Bus at Auteur House. If you are anywhere else come to my Etsy shop, or if you prefer, contact me directly.

The front cover is very nice, but I love the back of Voyagers best.

My contributors copy of Voyagers arrived in the mail today. Lovely to be part of another beautifully designed book, and in such esteemed company. I blush to see my name in the contents with great poets I have admired from afar for so long, and delight to read what old friends have written. Voyagers can be had from Amazon, or the publishers.

A beautifully designed perfect bound book.

The still-nameless coral piece is rushing into the final stages. I have laced the crocheted reef onto its board, next is lacing the embroidery. I am ridiculously fond of the back of my embroidery which is about to disappear from sight forever more.

Embroidered bleached coral from behind

A frustrating shopping trip today did provide one happy find, the ideal frame for a piece of embroidered coral that was originally a test for my brain coral stitching (not the design I ended up using though), and then practice for lacing onto boards. I'm pleased with the result and with the perfect frame, have sorted out Sarah's birthday present for tomorrow (I hope she isn't reading this yet, but if you are, Happy Birthday dear!).

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PG said...

Meliors, you are a dear, kind, lovely Meliors, I returned from hols and found the most wonderful packet all the way from the other side of the globe, in my letterbox...I've only been back a few hours and falling asleep, but I just had to drop in and say thank you, thank you!!! xx