Friday, May 08, 2009

Book Arts Treasury

I have my creations appear in Etsy Treasuries pretty often, but Bibliophile*, created by The Uppity Woman is a real treat. It's a book arts themed treasury and there are some cool pieces in it: check out the Horror Novel by Vets. Remember, Etsy Treasuries are only online for four days, so click through and have a look before Sunday. As with so many things online, it's the number of visitors, comments, and click-throughs that make a Treasury noticed in the competitive marketplace. This is one of those situations where if you do a bit of surfing you are doing me a favour!

*How could I not love the name?


Bronwyn Lloyd said...

What a brilliant treasury - the horror novel is very cool indeed but your spectacular creations are the pick of the bunch as far as I'm concerned.

Kay said...

Very talented array. Well done to all involved - esp. you of course!