Saturday, May 01, 2010

Snow Queen

Looking down from the polar plateau across the Ronne Ice Shelf to the Antarctica Peninsula.

My dear friend, Harmony, enquired today after my 'Snow Queen'. I can't think of a better name for this imposing and dangerous, beautiful and demanding, sensitive and sulky character that has taken over my life this year.

I am slowly fixing up the islands of the shelf ice, but I took some time out the other day to lay the finished high ground on the sea level contour, just to make sure its all going to fit. Which it is.

Laying out the last layer for the first look, and considering my background blanket options.


Anonymous said...

That's outrageous Meliors!! What were you thinking when you started this?! Whatever it was, I'm glad ;-)

Joan said...

So amazingly wonderful. What a creation! You are sensational!

Carol said...

Oh, truly beautiful. This is just going to be the most stunning thing you've done so far and you keep extending yourself further, and further.

I'm back to blogging, will try to do better this time. It means that I have hundreds of posts to read but if they are all like yours that will be a joy.

Anonymous said...

I have so enjoyed following your progress on this project. It's just stunning, even as a work in progress. Your vision and enthusiasm are truly inspiring.