Thursday, July 22, 2010

National Poetry Day Giveaway

Gratuitous macro shot of My Antarctica

It does seem odd that while I didn't have my own internet connection for three weeks I was super conscientious about regular posting to my blog, then I got slack as soon as the connection returned. Instead I've been catching up with everyone else's blogs (eg Bookshelf Porn) and working on some other internet-based projects and sort of forgot about Bibliophilia for a few days. Oops.

But I'm back now and to celebrate, here's a giveaway!

The next few weeks of my life include an unusual number of public events. First up is National Poetry Day on Friday and I'm one of the guest poets at our local poetry event at the Public Library. I've written quite a few poems since I last did a public reading and I'm looking forward to sharing fresh material. Some of which is so fresh that I will probably fine tuning up until the last minute.

In honour of National Poetry Day, I'm giving away a *signed* copy of Voyagers: Science Fiction Poetry from New Zealand edited by Mark Pirie and Tim Jones which happens to include my hard-working poem, Two Kinds of Time. (Also anthologised in the 2010 Rhysling Anthology, featured as last week's Tuesday Poem on Book in Trees, and was made into a limited edition artist's book (sold out) and a short film). All you have to do to go into the draw to win your very own signed copy of Voyagers is comment on this blog post before midnight NZ Time on Friday 30 July.

Keep an eye on Bibliophilia, and/or follow me on Twitter or Facebook to find out about what else is dragging me out of my introverted little world the next month or so. Also, keep an eye on the Waikato Times next week where I will be one of the local poets interviewed in the lead up to National Poetry Day.


Tim Jones said...

Hmmm - a dilemma! I am the first to comment ... yet I don't really need a copy of Voyagers ...

I'm really pleased to hear you've been writing new poems, and I hope there will be a chance for those outside Hamilton to experience them in due course - in one of the many media that are available to you!

It's amazing how far one piece of writing can take you, if it catches the imagination of readers. In my case, it's usually the pieces I think of as little throwaways that take flight, while the ones I've really slaved over remain earthbound. A mysterious business.

Dan said...

What a fantastic idea!

Consider yourself commented upon.

Mariana said...

I'd like a copy! Please put me in the draw.

Really enjoyed your short film, and 'Daintree Calling' too.

JacquiBee said...

More poetry!!!


Jane in Dunedin said...

Of course I have been a science fiction fan, and a poetry fan, as long as I have known you!! Which is a darn long you know I would so love a copy.....but having been a recent winner (items decorating and enlightening my work space) I know I shouldn't be greedy. Congratulations on finishing your Antartica piece it looks gorgeous!

Carol said...

Hardly gratuitous to show more of your Antarctica - such a stunning piece of art. I'd love to be in the draw for Voyagers, too. I'm always inspired by your poetry.

Sue said...

Well, poetry yes, sci fi a little bit. Far too long since I saw you, so a book would keep you in my mind! (of course, you're already in my heart)