Friday, July 09, 2010

The New Black

Bad luck comes in threes so I'm hoping I've finished this week's run of minor disasters and trying to look on the bright side, keep my spirits up and all that. And as of right now, I have fixed all three broken items of infrastructure. So in the spirit of general positivity, here's three good news items, all in black.


Best news is that I finally got my book press back all clean and shiny and ready to use. Anna and Chris gave it to me the very first time we met, and it took me a whole year and two house removals before I completed the restoration. Now, sandblasted and painted, it is lurking in the corner of my studio waiting for me to stop stitching blankets and make some books again.


While sorting out a shameful year's worth of filing the other day I came across these lovely paper butterflies my daughter gave me six months ago. Finally they are up on the wall to enjoy.

And always, always, the pleasure of blanket stitch, lately in black... here's a sneaky preview of a work in progress.


Anonymous said...

and more
xx E

Marilyn said...

Not good having all that bad luck but loved all the good black things. I like seeing things from the past being loved and used again - and the butterflies are beautiful.

Bronwyn Lloyd said...

As far as trios of disasters go, that lot isn't too bad really!
Your restored book press looks splendid and I'm curious to find out more about the new blanket project in grey...

Carol said...

No more disasters - you deserve a run of good luck now. Your book press came up so well, you must be very pleased. Mine still looks like your before picture (after 20+ years) so maybe I should follow your lead and get it done up. The new blanket stitch preview is enticing.