Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Disney Tapes

Working at Narnia is hilarious. I arrived this morning and was enveloped in a furry group hug- the heating was off and so staff were draping themselves and a few of the customers in (fake) fur coats from the Wardrobe. Later the Other New Girl, who started the same day as me last week, arrived to wash dishes. Turns out that she and Ash share an unholy passion for show tunes. Their singing and excitement rose to off-pitch and fever-pitch respectively when ONG brought inside her tapes of orchestras playing Disney tunes. Such fun!

I've never worked in a place where people sing, dance, laugh and goof around so much while still managing to get a lot of work done. Friday is dress up day with a theme chosen at random. Last week was 'senior citizens' for which I wore a fetching grey wig. Ironically it happened to coincide with the local Alzheimer's Society's coffee morning at Narnia. They thought it was pretty funny that we needed a special day to dress up as old people.

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