Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Toilet Bowl of Mr Igor Fluffy Bum

Sometimes a still pool
Sometimes a gushing torrent
Objects float, sink, disappear
It all smells so interesting.

I wish I could dive in
Without getting wet.


Miss Sharkey said...

How cool that Igor (a certain Fluffy grey cat) and I have spent the last hour reading forward from January. We get to the last entry posted today and there is my fluffy child I laughed till tears filled my eyes and the cat got off my lap in a huff.

neil furby said...

Looks like your cat is listening for something .
Perhaps the sound of fish in the ocean or the flap of eels in the rivers or the rain dripping off the leaves in the forest
wwho knows......

Jordan said...

Oh my lord, this is precious.

Anonymous said...

Have you stolen my fluffy bum'd cat molly? Seriously. Anyhow what has this to do with fluffy bums??

Anonymous said...

i have a fluffy bum and it looks nothin like this cat... hahaha.;)