Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Home at last to the Yoga Space

I'm back Up North for a winter in and around Whangarei. It is noticably warmer, which is one of the reasons I am here and not anywhere to the South.

However, the main reason I'm in Whangarei in particular, is to work with my favourite yoga teacher, Corrine, at the Yoga Space on Roberts Street. My first class with her after six months (of flopping around at home to a Californian yoga CD) happened to be a pretty hard-core inversions class and before you could say 'Namaste' we were all suspended upsidedown, braced on ropes across our hips, hanging on the walls like a family of fruitbats. It is an indication of my trust in Corrine that I even attempted such a terrifying pose. However, while my classmates hung about hands free for many minutes, I clutched the chair in front of me trying to suppress little moans of fear and discomfort for only 60 seconds or so before carefully easing myself back to the solid comfort of feet on the floor. The rest of the session continued to be challenging, but fortunately nothing scared me as much after that startling start. By the closing relaxation I was feeling so good I almost cried with gratitude to be there, until I had to suppress giggles when the woman next to me started up a gentle snore.

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Jordan said...

Wow, that's crazy. It's scary just to think about.