Thursday, November 18, 2010

AJ Seely Gully

The sign says 'second biggest kauri 37 years old'

The other day I heard a radio programme about ecological restoration happening in the Hamilton area, and one of the sites discussed was the AJ Seely Gully which is in my neighbourhood. I have noted the entrance before but not yet explored it as the path appeared steep narrow, muddy and generally unformed. But the weather this month is all hot and dry so a scramble down the track doesn't seem so intimidating as in the middle of a rainy winter. I suggested to Robin that we go check it out last weekend. So we did and this is what we saw.

Not exactly a bridge, but a board walk over what would often be mud. The sign says 'careful'

It's not a big area, and its a nice easy walk when the ground is dry. The land is private and the tree planting the 50 year project of a local man who decided to restore bush long before it became fashionable. There are some impressively big trees only a few years older than me, that he planted. Best of all were the wonderfully quirky hand written signs. Worst of all was the rubbish, though Robin and I picked up most of what we could and carried it out of the gully.

'Miro, note clematis above'. We looked and looked but couldn't spot any clematis.


Ngaio said...

Mr Sealy`s gully is a wonderful example of what one man, passionate about natives and re-vegetation can do over 40 years. It is a magic place - I wrote a paper for my Hort studies afew years ago, about this gully, it has now been left to the city by Mr and Mrs Sealy - an amazing gift.

Anonymous said...

Hi from Dunedin. Its wonderful to see the result of Mr Seelys work on your blog which he began during my childhood when our families lived next door to each other. The gully backs on to the little street I grew up in -Armagh Street (no. 5 Meliors - remember coming to visit?). I have many fond memories of exploring the gully, part of which used to house the Seely's 4 donkeys, Jessica, Rebecca, Abigal and Ebenezer. They were wonderful people and very lovely neighbours to have.