Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Out into the world

Icebergs for Shelf - An exhibition of small objects opening 19 Nov at The Framing Workshop in Hamilton

It's an ambivalent moment sending work out from my studio to a gallery and I'm doing it twice this week. Ambivalent because exhibiting is the point of my making and yet it feels so risky. I'm never completely happy with what I've made, the minor imperfections glare out at me almost obscuring the bigger picture. By the time I've finished making something I've learned how much better I could make it next time, and its hard to believe that not every viewer will have as critical an eye as my own.

But out my pieces go, with the gallery fee I can ill afford, with the artist's statement I've sweated over, with my hopes and wishes that it will provoke thought, conversation and affection in many people; and (please God) an overwhelming acquisitive desire in at least one person with the means to satisfy themselves. Sending away my work marks the end of what has inevitably been many hours of pleasurable production, into an environment where those hours of effort are not necessarily valued. It's risky, so I'm ambivalent.

Coral Threnody for the Textile Show opening 13 November at The Depot Artspace in Devonport


Carol said...

You're more courageous than I am, I rarely take risks. I really understand your ambivalence but your work is certainly worth the risk. Your Icebergs are wonderful and the Coral Threnody is exquisite. I do hope they will be "acquired" by some discerning visitor.

Tim Jones said...

It's hard for me to envisage people not queuing up to buy these, auctions at Sotheby's with bids going up in $10,000 increments...

I hope your work has the success in the world it (and you) richly deserve.