Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Spring programme

Poor neglected blog! I've been navigating a delicate recovery from existential angst, not a process I wanted to expose to the harsh light of the internet. I'm not angsting over 'what's the point of trying to be an artist?' anymore. Now I'm just getting on with it; which is much more fun.

But I'm too busy to try and craft a narrative about anything, instead here's a partial list of what I've been up to:
  • reading Ranulph Fiennes' biography of Scott and thinking about the Scott poem I want to write
  • un-installing 'Punctuated Equilibrium' from the Vitrine at Waikato Museum
  • finishing preparing two years' worth of tax records for the accountant
  • watching with despair as my 'money-put-aside-for-taxes' goes for yet another dental bill
  • eating rice bubbles
  • avoiding Twitter which I find oppressive and confusing
  • experimenting with kefir milk grains
  • enjoying bicycling in fine weather for a change, the air smells so sweet
  • cleaning dirty old letterpress type
  • cuddling alpacas at the A&P Show, also viewing bunnies, horses, sheep, goats and cows
  • finishing the icebergs for the Shelf exhibition later this month
  • finishing a present to take to Melbourne at the end of the month
  • reading Pie#02
  • reworking 'You are an Agent of Change' into two 'new' pieces
  • reworking 'Breathe' into costume jewellery
  • growing a small vegetable garden in pots (dwarf beans, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, lettuce, parsley, coriander and calvo nero)
  • hanging out with my parents
  • sewing with Anna
  • my day job which is really an evening job ie the non-arty stuff that pays the bills, or would if the bills would stay under control
  • starting a commission for an edition of two handmade artist's books
  • watching the Beatles Anthology series and listening to a lot of Beatles music
  • wearing skirts most days, and getting sandal tan marks on my feet
  • moving 'My Antarctica' into storage
  • planning an 'Open Studio' day on 12 December, everyone is invited to my place to come and see new work (including 'My Antarctica' which I will bring out of storage for the event), enjoy birthday cake and hopefully buy some handmade books and stitched pieces


Helen Rickerby said...

So sorry to hear about the existential angst! There is totally a point in being an artist. Go you!

Sandy said...

Well, no wonder you're angsting! You're exhausted! Where is "lying in bed reading trashy novels" on this list??

Bob McKerrow said...

will be a good tomic I am sure. Many years ago I spent a lot of time in Scott's two huts in Antarctica, at Cape Evans and on Pram Point. What history.

Cooincidentally, I met Ran Fiennes in 1986 at a remote weather station on Ellesmere Island when we were both attempting to reach the North Pole on different expeditions.

I enjoy your blog as I am an avid book-a-holic. I am currently working in Sri Lanka and have just had two beautiful bookshelves made from local teak. Here is the link if you are interested: beautifulhttp://bobmckerrow.blogspot.com/2010/10/teak-book-case.html

One interesting observation about Ran Fiennes is that he has so many qualities similar to Scott. A Royalist, a patriot, a misguided belief in the virtues of man-hauling sledges, and is English to the core. His sense of humour sets him apart from Scott, but overall, two amazing explorers.

I must examine further your link to your hand made books. Keep up the good work.

Tim Jones said...

I want to come to your open studio day - can't though :-(

But everyone within range absolutely should!

Joan said...

Now that's a life! Whew!