Friday, June 03, 2005

Finding a book

In the last few days I have come to an unfamiliar state of having completed all the most urgent tasks on my lists. The lists of course are endless, but I'm so used to ignoring unappealing low priority items that they just seem like padding. Being up to date left me with an uncomfortable feeling of aimlessness which could not be sated by chocolate. And I don't want to start a big, new, challenging project until after Monday's market.

Eventually, while preparing for bed last night, I recognised what was going on and started flicking through my journals looking at all the book ideas I have placed there for safekeeping while I didn't have time to start anything new. Suddenly I remembered an idea that has been stewing for a few weeks and I decided to try making it right then. Chucking more wood on the fire, I riffled through my scrap box, found the perfect paper and started making a maquette (model). Within an hour I had a rough but deeply appealing little book completed: binding some of my beloved bush papercuts (previously only available in -the difficult and expensive- Waipoua Forest bush book) into a tunnel book with topographical map-covered covers. It is small and simple and I think I can whip up a few by Monday's market. Hooray, I'm busy again!

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zydeco fish said...

If chocolate failed, it must have been serious.