Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Twelve Warning Signs of Good Health*

(If several or more appear, you may rarely need to visit a doctor.)

1. Regular flare-ups of a supportive network of friends and family.
2. Chronic positive expectations.
3. Repeated episodes of gratitude and generosity.
4. Increased appetite for physical activity.
5. Marked tendency to identify and express feelings.
6. Compulsion to contribute to society.
7. Lingering sensitivity to the feelings of others.
8. Habitual behavior related to seeking new challenges.
9. Craving for peak experiences.
10. Tendency to adapt to changing conditions.
11. Feelings of spiritual involvement.
12. Persistent sense of humor.

* Sarah Porter sent me this today, confirming that I am in excellent health at the moment! Let me know how you are doing...

1 comment:

zydeco fish said...

I think I am also in good health, even with my healthy dose of cynicism.