Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Paekakariki Beach

As a rule, I consider myself more of a bush person than a beach person. However, I do like to sleep with the sound of waves shushing up on a sandy beach, like long slow gentle breathing. Fortified by wonderful nights' sleeps I've been taking long walks along the beach at Paekakariki, on these past couple of bright brisk winter's afternoons.

I liked how on this beach there are many little pieces of wood worn into small round pebbles that weigh almost nothing in your hand. Since I was writing lots as I walked, I appreciated the seating provided by the sea in the form of big branches and logs at frequent intervals. I liked the silver path the sun makes across the water, stretching from the coast to the Western horizon. I liked all the different textures of sand, from soggy or spongey to crisp to hot and silky. I liked the pairs of orangey-pink shells, hinged like book covers, and I plan to use some for that purpose.

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