Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Devil of a Day

On my way into town I heard on the radio that yesterday's date: 6/6/06 could be interpreted as a bad omen, the mark of the beast etc. Then the radio switched to sports news and in honour of the date I decided to play Meatloaf's Bat Out of Hell tape which put me in an excellent mood to arrive at work.

Lucky, really because it seemed like Narnia was the devil's playground all day yesterday. I arrived too late to see the four horsemen of the apocolypse ride up for their morning coffees, and they were practically the only customers we had until lunchtime. A good thing too, because so much was going wrong:
1. Both gas heaters ran out of juice on the coldest morning so far this winter
2. Ash forgot to put baking powder in both muffin mixes, but didn't notice until they were pulled from the oven as soggy lumps of unrisen dough.
3. Ash burned her hand on a pizza pan and the pizza ended up all over the bottom shelf.
4. I dropped an egg on the floor.
5. My fried eggs were the worst ever: lumpy and misshapen and discoloured.
6. In the oven my peanutbutter cake batter oozed out of the bottoms of their springform pans to drip onto the bagel being heated below.
7. I was too quick to ice the cake while it and the ganache were still slightly warm and the whole affair ended up looking more like a very pale cowpat than a peanutbutter and white chocolate layer cake (though I did manage to salvage its appearance later, and it tasted fantastic).


rachlovestheweb said...

haha well hopefully you got all the mishaps out of the way on one day!!
Hey - Matisyahu tickets go on sale next week - the 16th i think...i will be going!!

Jordan said...

Awww... In honor of the date, Blondie covered "Paint it Black" when I saw them last night!