Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lucky Eggs

At the Farmer's Market a couple of weeks ago I pointed to the last carton of half-dozen-jumbo eggs on the free range egg stand. The egg-man hesitated, then asked whether I would be willing to accept 8 jumbo eggs in a 12 egg sized box, for the same price- as though I would turn down such good fortune.

They are lovely big eggs with bright golden yolks . I keep them stored in a special little egg cabinet on the benchtop, it's painted blue and decorated with feather motifs, with a chicken wire window which is almost too cute for my taste, but so useful that I cannot resist.

Tonight I cracked one of my bonus jumbo egg to fry with my left over potato and kumera and lo! a double yolk, my first ever!

Some days later- the last egg I cracked from this batch was another double yolker! Lucky eggs indeed.


E said...

I think we're talking abundance here my friend!!

Jordan said...

You certainly are good at appreciating the little things; it's rather inspiring.