Saturday, July 11, 2009

Found round the neighbourhood

I live in an interesting neighbourhood in Hamilton, just behind the Vege King, which is famous for its abundant and inexpensive fresh produce including this pregnant kiwifruit I enjoyed recently.

Walking along Heaphy Terrace, near St Aiden's Church, some bright stickers exhorting loving kindness have appeared on one of the mysterious green boxes that dot sidewalks.

This is what you see as you approach the box:

Then, as you pass it, this is the view from above:
The St Aiden's op shop came through for me recently with this awesome, authentic French beret. I have never really liked berets before, they always seem to look funny and feel like they will fall off if I move my head too fast. But now I understand the real deal is always going to sit right, because the French, they know their berets. This is heavy woolen felt with a leather band on the inside. It's like wearing a warm, flattering, pancake and makes me feel like a sexy mysterious poetess on my way to meet philosopher friends in a smokey cafe on the Left Bank...

... instead popping to the corner shop, where lately we've been enjoying some of the Phantom Billstickers Poetry Poster largesse. If I hadn't heard this interview with Jim Wilson, the Phantom Poster guy, I would be bemused that all the poets on our shops are from Tennessee. These posters are going up all over NZ and Tennessee, and Johanna wrote about some in Wellington on the Quiet World Project.

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