Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Little bits of coral to Giveaway

Brain coral brooch detail

I have a couple of little pieces of embroidered coral that were created as sort of byproducts in the long process of making You are an agent of change. They were, each in their own way, experimental. By backing and filling them, then sewing brooch pins on the back, I have made them into jewellery.

Back of staghorn brooch

I'm considering making more embroidered jewellery, partly to counterbalance the big fossil project I have committed myself to, which is going to take a year to complete. By interspersing that work with a variety of small, finite pieces, I hope to keep my enthusiasm for stitching fresh.

Through expanding the inventory in my Etsy shop to include some stitched jewellery, I hope to increase my sales. It certainly seems like jewellery sells a lot better than artist's books, both on Etsy and in real galleries where I have stocked books in the past. Naturally it would be nice to be making more money, especially from doing what I most enjoy.

But I'm also excited about the possibility that people wearing little pieces of stitched coral etc out in the world will find themselves having conversations about the stories I am stitching. For example, this piece of brain coral combines an embroidered representation of the bleached, dead coral with a crocheted representation of the live coral. In its 10x8cm size it encapsulates the threat of extinction, the hope of resiliance, hyperbolic and fractal mathematics and the links between small domestic actions and their cummulative environmental consequences.

Brain coral brooch (buy here)

The Bibliophilia July Giveaway is a staghorn coral brooch, embroidered to represent a fragment of bleached coral. If you would like to become an agent of coral conversations by wearing this subtle collection of white french knots on grey linen, simply comment below before 5pm 14 July (NZ time). How it works is the names go in a hat (black velvet at this time of year) and I interrupt my flatmate's enjoyment of rugby commentary on Sports Radio so he can pluck the winner. I love receiving comments, and I look forward to your feedback on this new line of jewellery.

Stitched staghorn coral brooch ( 6x3.5cm)


Carol said...

Lovely brooches Meliors. Very desirable but as I won your last give-away (which I love) I don't think I should be in the draw for this one, to be fair.

Nicola said...

I'm full of awe and envy that you are spending your life making beautiful objects. And you just introduced me to Etsy ... so very cool.

rachlovestheweb said...

Awesome work, pick me, pick me Rugby-watching flatmate!!

Carol said...

Meliors, I've finally written another blog post, after a gap of 6 months. I wrote about your wonderful Happy Bus among other things.

Katie McGrath said...

you are so clever Meliors!!! the fossils are fantastic! Miss you

Bronwyn Lloyd said...

It would be an honour and a pleasure to wear such a gorgeous brooch. I definitely think they would be conversation starters, and the subject is an important one. I'd love to go in the draw!

Amanda said...

Hi Meliors! I have found my way here via Carol's Goose. What beautiful work - I love anything to do with marine creatures! I'll be back to "trawl" through your archives.

robin_titan said...

Oh how lovely!