Monday, July 20, 2009

Work in progress

Ophioderma in progress
I'm carrying along the rhythm of alternating stitching fossil pages with stitching small pins. My third fossil page is a pair of brittle stars from the early Jurassic. After about 10 days of squeezing stitching in around other jobs I'm about a third done, but I expect my 12 hour journey from Hamilton to Cairns tomorrow will see some substantial progress (although I also have a Donna Leon paperback to read). I searched out a airport-security-friendly thread cutter especially for this trip, which will pass so much more pleasantly as I stitch my stars.


I'm going to be back in Cape Tribulation for the next week, gathering images, sounds and inspiration for video poems, stitched pieces and artists books (and who knows what else). I am sure I'll be able to get online when I want to, but I'm not so sure that I will want to very much! So, if there's a bit of a quiet spell on the blog, you can click through the 2008 archives of my six months in Cape Trib to imagine where I am, who I'm hanging out with, what I'm eating, who I'm sleeping with and what I might be doing.


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful trip! Plane flights can be so dull, hope yours is productive :)

Kay said...

Your work is beautiful. Have a great time in what looks like a very beautiful spot on God's earth.

Carol said...

Have a great trip, enjoy the weather. I enjoyed Bronwyn's blog, thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

You're reading Donna Leon, I'm reading Magdalen Nabb. Similar!
I must say you do get around!