Friday, July 17, 2009

Information Art

How excited am I to have one of my Mars Gardens included in this uber-cool, geek-chic Etsy Treasury? So excited! I love the other artist's work, especially Elinart whose moulds have been an inspiration. As usual, Treasuries are temporary, so make sure you click through for a closer look before Sunday.

I'm also excited to announce the July Giveaway winner of the coral brooch. I'm delighted that Bronwyn's name was plucked from the beret, as I am a great admirer of her work as seen on her excellent blog, Mosehouse Studio. Bronwyn is one of the other rare New Zealanders who is a talented book artist, a beautiful writer and also a creative textile artist! Even though we have not (yet) met, I feel that we would get on very well, with so much in common. If you like Bibliophilia, I reckon you might very much like Mosehouse Studio too, so go check it out. Congratulations Bronwyn, I hope you have lots of fun wearing your coral brooch!

By the way, if you like my embroidered brooches and pins, get into my Etsy shop quick, 'cos one has already gone!


alecia said...

I'm so glad you liked my treasury and that your awesome pin is in it! I just love the colors and the story idea of the pin. So beautiful.
-Alecia of CorduroyScience

Bronwyn Lloyd said...

I LOVE IT MELIORS!!! Right now the brooch is adorning my striped pyjamas while I lie about in bed recovering from the flu, but I plan to attach it to my favourite coat when I head out to a party on Saturday night. Thanks so much for your lovely words about my bits and pieces - in the words of Anne of Green Gables, I reckon we are indeed 'kindred spirits'!!