Monday, March 16, 2009


I just received my copy of Enamel, a new antipodean poetry magazine in which I am pleased to have two poems published. It's a lovely little book-object: a perfect-bound A5 with luscious colour cover and illustrations. The poems, in a crisp, san serif typeface, play out on generous plains of white, heavy-as-satin paper.

The editor, Emma Barnes, has done a fine job of selecting the poems as well. I have been dipping in and out all day and haven't read a dud yet. First of course I read my friends' excellent poems: Meg Davies' Rules of Subtraction and Tim Jones' The Penciller and Nightlife. I'm also immediately enamoured of Peel by Helen Heath and Useful Cupboards by Jennifer Compton.

Emma is selling hard copies of Enamel through TradeMe for a price between $10 and $15. PDF copies are available for a donation. And if you're interesting in contributing, the next issue of Enamel is due to be published in March 2010.

The last few days I've also been dipping in and out of Tim Jones' 2008 collection of short stories, Transported. I especially love the speculative fiction set in New Zealand, like The Wadestown Shore, which if you know Wellington is very eerie and fascinating. But Tim is such a versatile writer, accomplished in so many genres, that there is going to be something intelligent and insightful to satisfy all tastes.


Tim Jones said...

Thank you, Meliors - I'm glad you're enjoying these stories. I also love your photo of the cover of Transported, which is the first I've seen that brings out the embossing on the cover.

Enamel is pretty neat, isn't it?

Harvey Molloy said...

Hi Meliors. It's great to come across your blog. I'm also a big fan of Enamel: a wonderful new journal. And Tim's a very unique voice in NZ literature. (And, yes, he's also a friend.)

Jennifer Compton said...

Hi - greetings from Melbers - lovely little mag, eh? read it in one gredy gulp - greetings from Melbourne - love from jen

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, nice to find your blog :)