Thursday, July 07, 2011

Melt in progress

I know, I know, the one I'm working on is almost always my favourite, but this piece, called Melt, really is my current favourite. The luscious ice blues of the glacier's melt-water tunnel are so deep, so rich, so creamy yet pure, and this time its my best yet graduation of hues. The sensual curve of the tunnel's negative space lined with satisfyingly plump layers of needle felted blanket are irresistible. I feel sure that Melt will be snapped up as soon as the exhibition opens.

There is also an elusive nostalgia associated with this piece for me. The top layer of ice blue thread on creamy felted wool reminds me of something I knew as a baby- perhaps a bonnet. That's it, a white woolen bonnet with satin ribbons in a classy 1960's style, covering my baby-head against the Canadian snows.


Rayna said...

oh that's one of the things I love most about craft. How those little corners of a project remind you of certain times and places. And looking back on a finished project always continues to evoke those secret little memories.

Looks beautiful love.


Tim Jones said...

Meliors, both this and "Open Cast Australia" look amazing - and all the more powerful for the contrasts between them!

Anonymous said...

I want to move in there and nestle amongst the layers