Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Kotare and Kiwi

A couple of kotare, kingfishers, are hanging round my place today. They have almost irridecent teal backs, and creamy chests with a peachy sheen. They perch patiently on the fence posts, stockyards or power lines, flicking their tails from time to time. They seem unfazed by all the action going on here: I've been putting firewood into my shed while my landlady has been moving scrap wood into her shed, to the great excitement of her two dogs, which in turn excites Jet, the neighbour's dog up the drive.

I've had a productive day, as well as moving the wood, I've finished my first commissioned work and almost finished my first attempt at making a clam-shell box. The commission is called 'Reading Narnia' and is a triptich/shadow box/tunnel book containing a scene from 'The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe', designed to be hung on the wall of the opening-soon-in-Whangarei Cafe Narnia.

Last night I heard kiwi calls for the first time. Perhaps they are coming down from the hills now that the nights are getting colder.

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