Monday, May 02, 2005

See new books!

I have just this minute finally finished up loading the new pages for my website. The most useful thing that I have changed is the navigation so that you can find your way around a lot more easily (though there may still be some tweaking to get this just right).

But the most exciting thing is that finally, after weeks of teasers in this blog, you can see the beautiful photos Katrina Ching has taken of all my newest books. The gallery has been completely revamped so that each book has its own page, most with a selection of thumbnails that click through to larger pictures if you want to see them close up from several angles...

I also added a new events page with book arts related events through out New Zealand- including but not limited to those featuring my work ;-) I find out much of this information through the Association of Book Crafts (NZ) who don't have their own website, so I am hosting an information page about the ABC on my site.

The links page is also much expanded and I am eager to keep adding more links to make this a valuable resource for anyone interested in the book arts- let me know what you think I should add.

By the way, this is all my own work. I have basically taught myself web design, with some valuable coaching from Connie. It's not a slick a site as the perfectionist in me would like, but I am settling for functional and beautiful to the best of my current abilities. And now it is done, I can get back to making books!

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Jane from Dunedin said...

The website is looking great, Meliors. Much easier to navigate and the photos of the books are awesome! Well done, you!