Sunday, November 13, 2005

Academy, Australia and Auckland- All Good

Remember the Street Stories book/altered map I was showing off a couple of weeks ago? I just found out that it has been selected for the Award's Exhibition, so if you are in Wellington over the next few weeks, check it out live! The exhibition is associated with the Heritage Award and it's at the Academy of Fine Arts at Queens Wharf between 18 November and 11 December. The Awards Function is on Thursday this week, so I'll let you know how that part goes.

Some of my work was included in another exhibition which I forgot to tell you about (mostly because I actually forgot all about it until they sent the books back when it was all over). At the Noosa Regional Gallery in Queensland, they had several events for the book arts this spring. I had two books (How to Talk and Wind Talk) in their exhibition, "Works of Imagination: imageastextasimage". But now that I've remembered, I can say I have exhibited "internationally"! Woo hoo.

And while I am blowing my own horn ... remember the exhibition at the Auckland City Libraries a month or two ago? Well, from that event, the Library has acquired three of my books for their Special Collections (formerly known as the Rare Books Department). It's a huge honour. Auckland readers are encouraged to visit the library and ask to see my books (Wind Talk, Karori Sanctuary: Interleaving, and Waipoua Forest- but you won't find them on the shelves for borrowing).

And finally, a word from my first international blog-reading customer to whom I am not related by blood. On receiving her copy of Karori Sanctuary she wrote...
It's gorgeous - my mail has just come - what a fabulous end to the day!

I love it - the words, the structure, the colours, the leaves - it will be a
treasured book.

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