Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A somewhat satisfactory substitute for chocolate

It takes up more time than inhaling half a packet of toffee pops but you don't feel sick afterwards.

I'm talking about a leisurely circuit of all my favourite blogs including Finsippy, One Good Thing, I Blame the Patriarchy, Laid-Off Dad, and Zydeco Fish. These are all generally good for a laugh or sometimes a cry, and as long as I remember the date-line difference and don't go looking on a Monday when these North-Americano's are still on their weekend, there's usually something new to see.

On the kind of afternoon when the second half of the biscuit packet is under threat, I circle around checking less frequently updated blogs of interest, that I hope are going to have something new since last month... such as Eleanor Lefever, Frum Dad, Now I'm Pissed.

If it necessary to procrastinate more, or further distract myself from chocolate temptations, or completely forget about my insignificant sorrows then I'll do a circuit including these nice, but somewhat less compelling blogs... Elbows on the Table, Bitch PhD, Bogbumper.

You may wonder why I don't have all these on a blogroll. The reason is that I waste so much time reading these guys that I don't have time to faff around with figuring out how to do that.

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