Friday, November 18, 2005

Stamp Collection

This is a miniature cabinet containing 9 tiny stamp albums. The cabinet is covered in a unique map of Europe (National Geographic oriented North to the bottom of the page). It is 12.5 cm high, including its little brass feet. The door swings open to reveal the neatly shelved albums. Each album is open spine sewn to hard covers of Italian marbled paper. The pages are dark green mulberry with gold foil spatters, torn not cut so the edges are soft and almost fluffy. Seven of the albums have stamps already in them, organised by theme: flowers, transport, people etc, mostly one stamp per page.

None of the albums are full, so they can be considered a work in progress for the future owner to complete. About half of the stamps are from Israel, Sri Lanka, Solomon Islands and Romania- the rest from a variety of other countries.

We tend to treat stamps as (a) utiliarian then disposable or (b) a special kind of investment or (c) a specialist hobby. This special artist's book was inspired by the beauty of stamps as miniature art prints.

(price on application)

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Loretta said...

I happened to have Gramma's entire stamp collection. There are stamps from the middle east, NZ, Thailand, SE Asia and more. There's even a stamp of Suddam Hussein. Some may be collectable. If you would like to have them, they're yours! Let me know.
Loretta Kight