Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Treasure Hunt

These are some of my new series of Treasure Hunt books. The pages and covers are hand sewn clear vinyl pouches in which I have inserted an assortment of treasures. Each book is a unique combination of shells, driftwood, feathers, stones and other little treasures I have collected on my travels. The covers are sections of maps e.g. Northland to the west of Whangarei; Raglan and its surrounding West coast; Otaki and the West coast to the South; Negev Desert in Israel.

I've finished four of these little (8cmx10cm) books so far, and have plenty of treasures to fill more books. Each book has six pages/pouches filled with a different treasure or collection of treasures. They sit nicely in the palm of your hand, with a slightly floppy quality that reminds me of cloth books (and now I'm planning one of those too!).

I am happy to customise with a map or theme of your choice and if you have a treasure trove of small flat(ish) objects that you would like made into a book, I can do that too.

Treasure Hunt books in stock are $30.00 including postage and packaging. Customised books start at $35 and cost will depend on what you want. Post a comment or contact me via my website.

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