Thursday, November 10, 2005

Parallel Play Planned

Tonight one of my book buddies is coming over to my studio so we can work on our book projects companionably. I'm going to try and remember, and pass on, a technique I learned in a workshop about a year ago and have modified (i.e. been unable to replicate exactly) for the edition of Wind Talk (pictured). She's making me a journal to replace the one I made in the workshop, used heavily, adored madly and then left in a plane seat pocket. Don't ever leave a handmade leather bound journal filled with sketches and notes and an expensive pen behind on the plane, because the cleaners will treat it as trash and you will never ever see it again. I've been too heartbroken and lazy/busy with other things to make a replacement, but my friend wants to learn the technique so has offered to do it for me. Wish us luck!

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