Sunday, December 18, 2005

3 weeks in a garden

The photos below show what has been happening in the vege garden in the past three weeks. The steady rain and warmth mean that even daily visits to the garden show up noticable changes. Most of the new green are young plants spreading out across the compost-rich soil: tomatoes, corn, cauliflowers, zuccini and beans. But some of the green is weeds loving the warm wetness as much as the desirable plants.

The white veiled rows are raspberries (across the front of both photos) and gooseberries (up the left side in the earlier pic) . Do you see the forest of fluffy asparagus fern, taller than me? It's the bright green patch in the top left of today's photo, between the white fence of the garden and the lighter row of gooseberries. The strips of white inside the garden are newspaper mulch between the rows.

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