Saturday, December 17, 2005

Silly season secrecy

I can't really report on book making activities at the moment. The little bits of studio time I am squeezing in betweeen kitchen and garden activities (and swimming: twice into the warm silky ocean at Paekakariki in two days) are focused on making gifts for dear ones who read this blog, so it all has to be top secret until after Hannukah. Sorry to those readers who aren't on my gift list but are eager for book-making updates.

Hannukah happens to start on Christmas evening this year and I have invited my daughter and various waifs and strays to come out to Te Horo for a meal which will NOT be a Christmas dinner. Our gesture to the dominant culture will be a traditional New Zealand Christmas pavlova to go underneath the raspberries. We'll have latkes (potato pancakes) for the Hannukah touch but assuming the weather is still this hot in a week I think the meal will be mostly salads and dips with lots of cold drinks, for grazing as we sit outside under the trees.

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