Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Midsummer's Rambling

When I get home from the cafe, tired and hot, I put my feet in the fountain which is often enough to re-energise me for some gardening.

Tonight, after the foot fountain recovery, I weeded the capsicums and fed the chickens and used the sun oven to warm my dinner and eat it out under the trees in the slanting evening sunlight.

While I ate felafel, I read my library book (one of the three or four I have on the go) while I ate: Daylight by Elizabeth Knox . I didn't know I was getting a vampire novel out (eeeww!) but by the time the bloodletting began I was hooked on the characters (despite their irritating names i.e. Bad and twins Dawn and Eve) and the story (rolicking along several converging mountain paths on the coast of Italy/France). I quite like that Bad is not only a survivor of a disaster obviously based on the Cave Creek tragedy (14 teenagers died when a viewing platform collapsed in a New Zealand National Park), but how deftly the implications of that experience are woven through the whole book (so far anyway, I'm only half way through 356 pages).

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