Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Passion is such a delicious word. The shhhh in the middle is sexy. Try it. Right now, say the word passion out loud and feel your mouth make a kiss with itself.

Pucker up and part your lips with a soft smack...pah... then let your breath caress the top of your tongue and tickle the tips of your front teeth... shhh Put the edge of your tongue on the top of your mouth, just inside your teeth and hum a sigh of bliss... onn.

When I was a young teenager in New Zealand "pashing" was one of the briefly fashionable words for what USers call "necking". Pashing is still what I call it because it's got such a sexy mouth-feel to say.

Now try to say pashing... it starts with the same sexy moves as passion but the end of the word is filled with longing... it is desire stoked and and stroked and leaving your mouth wanting more.


E said...

Hey M
You just keep up that gardening - it obviously does things for you!!!
Hope your holiday season is full of passion...
PS: I was reviewing one of our films the other day and what a surprise to see Meliors of the deep red hair in it! One of those girl-on-the-street moments by Midlands Park about 2000 re Public Trust.
Can I have your autograph?

zydeco fish said...

We call it necking in Canada too. I agree that pashing is a good word.