Sunday, December 04, 2005

Feedback Please!

This is my new favourite ingredient... a zuccini flower. After years of reading about eating them, I finally tried it, mmm mmm. The first night I stuffed them with a mixture of breadcrumbs, zuccini, tomato, pesto and olives and roasted them. The second night I stuffed them with brocolli, feta and parmesan. Both were good, but the first was better.

Eating flowers is a delightful activity, the literal consumption of beauty. Usually I put flowers (borage, nasturtium) on salads so that they are not only a colourful accent, but add a soft, delicate texture. I am watching the artichokes in the garden closely, looking forward to dipping their fleshy petals in garlic butter.

What do you think?

Given that a lot of my time and attention at the moment is preoccupied with gardening and cooking and playing house this is what I am drawn to blog about most days. I've been thinking about starting a new blog, not to replace this one but as a venue for my more domestic musings, leaving this blog to be mostly about books and art. This would probably mean less frequent posts on Bibliophilia, as there simply isn't time for me to keep up a full regime of posting to two blogs. To help me make up my mind I would like to know what you, dear reader, think I should do. I see two options:

1. Focus only on Bibliophilia as a personal blog, with no inhibitions about many, even the majority, of posts sharing my daily thoughts and activities in the garden and kitchen, as well as the studio. This would mean posts would be at least as frequent, and possibly more frequent than they are now.

2. Start a second blog (tentatively titled 'Kapiti Cook's Garden) which would be entirely, or mostly, about gardening, cooking and other domestic activities. Maintain Bibliophilia as a book arts oriented blog. This would mean dividing my posting energy between two blogs and each would receive fewer posts than just one.

To comment on this burning issue, click on the "# Comments" link underneath this post. Do you find domestic posts dull and would prefer them to be excluded from this blog? Or do you just enjoy Bibliophilia and don't mind what I write about?

I'd especially like to hear from regular readers (including those who read without usually commenting) and from other bloggers- is this an issue you have considered for yourself?


rachlovestheweb said...

i like it all in one blog

elbowlina said...

I like it all in one blog. I have two blogs myself, one for life and one for poetry. The reason for this is life has stops and starts and filling the gaps with poetry made the narrative wierd. So, a poetry blog and a life blog.

I don't always see the point in splitting. I think that the domesticity you're talking about runs well with this, because I think it gives us an idea about you as a person and an artist. But if you really felt a conflict between the two, you should do it!

E said...

Well, M, I see everything you do of a day as creativity and I love reading the live-to-air, as-the-glue-is-drying, while-the-soup-is-simmering melting pot of your life, just as it falls onto the keyboard. Dooce has different files so that if I am only interested in Leta, I can go to stuff only about her etc. I love your blog just the way it is M...

Jane said...

I agree, keep it all in one Blog. Yummy zuchinni flowers, so yellow-y!

Jo said...

All in one blog is good. It all feeds into the same celebration of life!