Sunday, September 21, 2008

Beach Textures I

I'm away for three weeks, camping in Cape York, one of the most inaccessible and isolated parts of Australia (which is saying something!). I don't expect I'll have much, if any. internet access. I may suffer withdrawals, but I'm sure it will do me good. You dear reader, however, don't have to suffer without regular updates to Bibliphilia. Thanks to the wonders of Blogger-technology here are some posts I prepared earlier.

Since arriving in Cape Tribulation, one of the unexpected pleasures of this place has been falling in love with the beach. I've always been more of a forest person than a beach bunny, but now that I am getting my forest needs met so thoroughly I'm appreciating the wide open spaces of the beach more. I like the way the beach is always changing and I am facinated by the fine grained detail of those changes. For several months I've been making pictures for a photo essay called Beach Textures. Check back for installments every few days over the next three weeks.

Remember, even though the posts will keep coming, I won't be answering emails, moderating comments or checking my Etsy shop.

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Carol said...

Lovely photos, esp. the lobster or cray - or is it something else entirely?