Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Reef So Far

I've been crocheting up a coral storm, enjoying exploring form and colour. This is the complete crocheted coral reef so far. It's not very big. Crocheting coral takes a long time, and there's not much to show for it, sizewise.

As I crochet, I try to imagine what I will do with all this coral I'm making. Something to sell in my Etsy shop would be good. I play around with making one or two pieces into jewellery or packing lots into a glass jar like an aquarium. Unfortunately the glass jar, while kind of cool in real life, looks terrible in photographs, and Etsy is all about the pictures.

The trouble with marketing crocheted coral is that (a) I can't imagine very many people wanting to wear a big bright blob of crochet on their person and (b) it looks best en masse, not in piddly little doses.

At the moment I'm thinking that a single entry to the World of Wearable Arts might be a more appropriate forum for this upwelling of creativity than trying to flog bits and pieces on Etsy. I'm going to test my wearable art theory out at a nautical themed costume party (watch out for photos soon). But if you, dear reader, can imagine yourself or anyone you know wanting to buy some crochet coral, please let me know how you'd like it. I'm open to suggestions.

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Kylie B said...

Oh wow lovely, you do beautiful work!