Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nautical Fortieth

Cape Tribulation is famous for its costume parties. I went to my first one last weekend dressed as a coral reef. My two favourite costumes were Kat's shark and Freya's jellyfish, but Rob's pirate and Pat's captain were runners up!

Coral reef Meliors and Pirate Rob -before we left home and the fake beard and moustache fell off. Note my apparently one-legged stance in support of the pirate theme...

Shark Kat stayed in savage character all night. Note the bloody bits of baby hanging off her front.

Coral Meliors meets Jellyfish Freya

Captain Pat takes a glass of bubbles with "Any one for deck tennis on the QEII?" Antoinette.

Mermaid Mel, Sailor Sally, Navigational Lights Deano, Seaweed Sarah, and (best pun of the night) Brittany Spear-Fishing Claire.

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