Friday, September 19, 2008


I went with friend to the monthly markets at Lync Haven just south of Cape Trib. It's a motel with bistro and a small wildlife park. I got to pet an adorably kangaroo, my first close encounter with these iconic and amazing Australian animals. Later, Scott brought one of their two captive pythons inside and let a small group of us get to know her.
Stroking a healthy python is a wonderful sensation. The sinuous power of her body was tangible. Her scaly skin was silky smooth and room temperature to touch. I couldn't get enough of her, and for the first time I understand the attraction of keeping a pet snake.

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Carol said...

Have you seen this little video on letterpress?
So pleased to hear you liked the python so much. They really are wonderful animals and you've described it so well; the silky smooth skin and warmth - not at all cold and scaly. I've been away so just catching up on your posts. Very taken with your corals. Hope that video address came out okay.