Monday, September 15, 2008

Coral-licious Costume

So... this is what I did with my crocheted coral. I'm pretty proud of this frock!

Staghorn coral straps holding up the shelf reef

The white dress is an op shop find. The coral on the bodice is all my own. It's a little mind-boggling that six weeks of spending most of my spare time crocheting only resulted in barely enough coral to cover my not-very-substantial bosom. Though it looks a whole lot bigger covered in coral!

Sea urchin and clam

I wore the dress to a nautical-themed costume party where it was quite a hit. My chest hasn't had so much attention paid to it since Louise stopped breastfeeding 20 years ago! It seems hard for most people to resist touching the coral but I can't feel a thing through all the padding. And it was very warm to wear!

Spanish dancer nudibranch, daisy coral, brain coral, blue sea star

Nudibranch, blue sea star, vase coral, brain coral, anenome, etc


Jane in Dunedin said...

Looks gorgeous, as does the wearer! The rain forest obviously agrees with you, Meliors (despite horrid stinging plants....)

Love Jane in Dunedin

Katie said...

You and I should collaborate on this further and make a bridal gown for the wife of Tangaroa!!!!!

Conrad said...

Wow! That is so super fab! Fab, fabbity fab fab fab.

And you are looking radiant my dear.


rachlovestheweb said...

It's O for AWESOME Meliors!!! I think you should have won first prize :)

Penny L. Richards said...

Aha! I'm crocheting myself a coral reef costume for Halloween this year (started in March)--I've seen other coral costumes, but yours is the first I found that was also crocheted. Hooray! Beautiful.

Penny L. Richards said...

In case you want to see my finished crocheted coral reef costume: