Monday, June 28, 2010

Nana Core

Scraps jar- thread ends and the tiniest trimmings of fabric

Like an ice core drilled out of the Antarctic to reveal climate change through millenia, the scraps jar shows the strata of my textile activities. The bottom half of the jar is dominated by ends of white thread snipped while stitching My Antarctica. Other colours represent small side projects so far this year: mostly gifts for family and friends. At the top of the jar you can see hints of my latest projects which feature black, gold and brown threads as well of bits of wool blanket and other fabrics.

I'm still working away at mounting Antarctica, which is much harder than stitching it was. But in the meantime I'm also enjoying making little playful pieces that feel so light and easy after the great long trek around the continent. Little projects I can carry around in my bag, that I can finish in a week. They are still explorations and studies but I feel committment building as good results start showing me the way forward.

My latest completed piece is a gift for my father who turns 70 today. Happy birthday Dad.

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