Friday, June 11, 2010

Soothing stitching

Elephant Island (foreground) where the Endurance crew waited for months while Shackleton worked desperately to rescue them

Winter has set in, and my warm and wooly version of Antarctica is worth being wrapped up in. I'm hand sewing Antarctica onto the Southern Ocean background. It's awkward work to invisibly attatch two such big, heavy pieces of fabric, but now that I have found my rhythm I find it rather soothing. Truly for me, almost any fine hand work is inherently more pleasurable any other activity I could (or should) be doing.

The ice shelf gaping over the open sea; but just until it's stitched down. I wish I were small enough to creep in and rest between the blankets.


Joan said...

Love those little Islands.

Kay McKenzie Cooke said...

I love stopping by here and imbibing all that 'soft' (seemingly) white-ness, the flavour of the Antarctic ... the polar ice ... the words ... textures and stories. The creative crafting and workwomanship. :)