Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pins and Needles

And I shall go into a hare by Jane Siddall. Definitely my favourite piece in the show.

I made a rare excursion out of Hamilton this week, venturing up to Auckland and back in an afternoon. My destination was the lovely Uxbridge Arts Centre in Howick, where my coral reef, You are an agent of change, was included in a group show called Pins and Needles. I got to see the whole show in situ before I removed my piece and slipped away to successfully beat those notorious Auckland traffic jams.

There were many lovely things to be inspire and intrigue. Beautiful miniature feather cloaks; stylish neo-retro screen printing; lots of dolls; one tiny quilt, a Wearable Arts costume made out of teabags; sluggish soft furnishings... it was diverse and delightful. Here's a slightly random sample chosen largely because the work appealed and the photos turned out well (which is a roundabout way of saying there was plenty else that I liked).

Wall plaques by Ali Davies who is also living in the Waikato, and I love it whenever I see her screenprints (Arts Post, Craft Mad)

More from Nepal by Peg Moorhouse. There were lots of lovely weavings by Peg ( b 1917).

Time for Tea by Jenny Todd who lives on a boat.

Valkyrie War Maiden (detail) by Melody Brook


Carol said...

So nice to be able to visit these far away exhibitions via blog. I liked the Jane Siddall piece and I'd love to see the Valkyrie War Maiden in full. Tea bags make such beautifully textured material.

Helen said...

That all looks amazing! Thanks for blogging it otherwise I would have been none the wiser.