Friday, July 15, 2005


Some days, for no apparent reason, I just want to eat all day long. Actually it seems as though there are many days like this, which is why it's hard to pick a reason such excessive stress (not since I moved to Northland), lots of exercise (hahahaha) or PMT. I admit that I frequently use reference to the current point in my cycle as an excuse for eating too much. Right now I'm kind of post-menstrual, pre-ovulation which, I'm pretty sure, gives me absolutely no hormonal justification for consuming, in the space of five hours:
  • a large bowl of porridge with assorted seeds, fruits, and quince jelly
  • four mandarins
  • one pear
  • two prunes
  • two little almond biscuits made (by me) with rose water and no flour
  • two pieces of Vogel's toast with homemade (not by me) tomato & basil pesto (to die for)
  • a bowl of popcorn flavoured with flaxseed oil and flaked yeast
  • a glass of grape juice
  • the last piece of chocolate covered ginger.

Right now it is 12.45pm which is still theoretically lunchtime, a theory that my appetite is in full agreement with, even though the toast, popcorn and most of the fruit were consumed in the last hour. I'm pretty sure that what I really want to eat are M&Ms but the nearest are about 30kms away. I've tried distracting myself with work, which is going pretty well, with a walk to visit the nice horse next door who spat out the piece of carrot I gave it and with planting basil seedlings in my little garden. Nope, I want M&Ms.

There is chocolate in the house. Jo left me with most of the bar of heavenly Oxfam dark fondant (has anyone else noticed that politically correct chocolate tastes the best?). Spectacular as the smokey, rich flavour is, it's not calling to me but I may eat some anyway, just to distract from the compelling thought of crunching on those little colourful candy-coated pellets of compound 'chocolate' grown and harvested by slaves and dilluted almost beyond recognition by sugar and milk solids.

By the way, from tomorrow I am taking a little holiday from blogging, just until Thursday. Bye til then.


zydeco fish said...

I wonder if you realize that there is a food theme in your blog. Maybe I'm just reading between the lines sometimes. Maybe it's just the mention of chocolate. Anyway, I feel hungry now.

rachlovestheweb said...

Try eating more protein, you might not get hungry so quickly. Maybe you were just bored??

Jane said...

It all seems pretty healthy food though, Meliors, so just enjoy! I agree that some days you are just more hungry than others. I crunch on carrots alot - the crack and crunch and burst of sweetness is all very satisfying!