Wednesday, July 13, 2005

House guest

I am enjoying the company of my very first house guest here in beautiful Purua. One of my oldest and most loyal friends heroically rode the bus from Hamilton to Whangarei to come and sleep on my floor.

The trip took 6 hours, and half of A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian. While we both fervently support public transport in principle I think this experience has satisfied Jo's need to support it in practice for some years to come. I picked her up and took her with me to the library where she selected three books for me to check out. I am always happy to accept Jo's advice about what to read because our taste is pretty similar, and she knows me well enough to not bother trying to make me enthusiastic about oversized magic realism novels set in India.

I borrowed an airbed which we took turns pumping up and you know, it's always good to get the heart racing just before bed. I had to move all the furniture to the edges of the room to fit the airbed in and then it took up all the remaining floor space. I though it was a quiet night as the rats in the walls didn't wake me up at all, but Jo found them a little more noisy than she is used to. Although, as someone who has recently aquired a young golden labrador who barks everytime one of the two cats comes in during the night, I would have thought she would have found a little light rat scrabbling relatively soothing.

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