Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Narnia Opens!

Cafe Narnia opened in Whangarei today. On such a wild and wet winter's day entering through the enchanted wardrobe was irresistable. Inside was warm and inviting and while I was there, at lunch time every table was busy and they were running low on counter food.

Ash made me 'my special hot chocolate' with almond milk...mmmm and we had yummy vege pie and cake. All good.

An added bonus is the fabulous art on the walls... Ash has painted some cute pictures on the fantasy novel theme. They also commissioned a book from me for the cafe, called 'Reading Narnia'. And I have a selection of my other works on exhibition and for sale on the shelves.

So if you are in Whangarei, get on down to Cafe Narnia, 74 Kamo Rd, opposite the Countdown in Kensington.


rachlovestheweb said...

Yaay!! so exciting. I wish it had been there last time i was up in Whangarei, that's exactly near where i was staying and doing research!

Kimberly Kay said...

The cafe sounds enchanting! I wish I could see it- as I really do enjoy all things Narnia. Not sure if Martha was a Lion, Witch, Wardrobe fan, but Grandpa Jess read my mom (and perhaps others) the Narnia series...and when I was a little girl she read them to me. Listening to my mom read the Narnia books are some of my first memories of imagining what another world- a fantasy land- would be like. I hope the cafe captures a bit of that fantasy and wonderment (and it sounds like it does with the hot chocolate!!)

zydeco fish said...

I've never tried hot chocolate with almond milk, but I think I will if I can find almond milk. I can't stomache cow's milk, and soy milk is a bit harsh.