Thursday, July 07, 2005


I wish there was a rain gauge here. I was so jealous at the Country Women's Institute (CWI) meeting this afternoon when the women on either side of me started comparing their rainfall for the last two days. Amazingly, given that we all live relatively close to eachother, one had 40mm and the other had 131mm. I definitely feel like I've had 131mm here! The creek is higher than I've ever seen, almost topping its banks with muddy brown water. The paddocks look to be more mud and puddles than grass, and I can't even get to my car without mud splashing up on my Town shoes.

At each CWI meeting there are a number of 'competitions'. Regular readers may recall that my chocolate cake did ok last time. This time I interpreted the theme of the floral art competition "In a picture frame" broadly enough to enter one of my books. Waipoua Forest is probably my most spectacular production to date, and despite having no reference to flowers and being composed entirely of paper and card, it was given a first. I feel I ought to say that I don't think anyone entering the competitions comes away without winning a place, and there's only a dozen or so people there anyway! But it's nice to contribute, and to be appreciated.

Today's activity was a demonstration and play with fimo, that wonderful colourful modelling clay. As soon as I saw it I knew how to solve my bead problem. I've used up all the lovely little wooden beads I bought in Wellington, as handles for the doors of my alter(ed) maps and haven't been able to find anything remotely suitable to replace them with in Whangarei. The only beads here seem to be nasty cheap looking plastic or overly ornate and expensive. Seeing the fimo I realised I can make my own handles, customised for each map if I want. Hoorah!

They've asked me to write an article about blogging for the WI Home and Country national magazine. So, amongst the 90th birthday photos, collections of carnival glass and yorkshire pudding recipies will be my high tech contribution!

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LaQuisha said...

I am so, so,so jealous of the CWI.
I wanna join waaaaaaaaaaa!