Friday, July 15, 2005

Just one more before I go

A minute ago I went out to get the wood for tonight's fire and found, neatly tucked into my shoe, a wee mousie. Dead. A gift, I assume from Stanley the ginger tom from nextdoor who has been hanging around here most of today. I do appreciate the killing of local rodents, but am a bit taken aback by the careful placement of this one.


Miss Sharkey said...

My cat Igor has not proved to be useful as a mouser to date. It may have something to do with being a bit blind and not allowed inside at night. We are therefore forced to use traps. If he did catch one I hope he would share.

Jane said...

Yes, is this careful placement some kind of artistic or even metaphorical statement....or just the unintended result of some ghastly, grisly sequence of events we don't want to imagine!