Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Great galleries!

Reading this blog may give the impression that I do nothing but walk the hills and get friendly with cows. But no! I actually have been working really hard to produce copies of my books for new galleries about to start stocking my work. Today I mailed a bunch of lovely little parcels out to them. I am so pleased with my new work, and so thrilled to be releasing it into the world that this is a very satisfying part of the whole process.

It won't be too long before I can post photos of all the new books onto my website (and I'm planning to celebrate that event with some special deals for cyberspace customers so keep reading this blog regularly). In the meantime, I recommend visiting one of these excellent galleries to have a look at what I have been making!
  • In my new hometown of Whangarei, the fabulous Tuatara Inspired Design is the place to look at a representative sample of some of my best pieces.
  • If you are driving through Tirau, stop at Heather Leonard's Naked Art Gallery. She specialises in the human form and is stocking my Boob and Cock books.
  • Wellingtonian's can venture up the coast to Lush Design Gallery in Raumati Beach where they will be selling a selection of my books.
  • In Waihi the Art Market (just off the main road, in Moresby Ave) is also stocking some of my new bush books and some old favourites.
  • Don't forget Arts Post Galleries on the main street of Hamilton. They were the first gallery to show my work and continue to be enthusiastic supporters- they stock everything currently for sale in my oevre.

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